What should AOL do if they were to completely revamp AOL Mail?

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Jack07 Asked on July 13, 2019 in Aol.
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Actually, some of the things you have requested above have actually been implemented:
1. Automatic mail forwarding – This feature is one that has been discussed on the Mail Team for a long time. The problem has been that the team has been focused on developing the new back-end Mail Infrastructure and has been limiting any development on the existing/legacy back-end Mail Infrastructure (which is very old and proprietary). I believe you will see this feature in the near future, but I can not speak to timing or the product roadmap (as I am no longer at AOL). If it makes you feel any better, I want this as well. 🙂

2. Option to upload old saved mail. I totally feel your pain… Unfortunately, AOL does not have software that can help here. However, I have been able to migrate my own PFC using the following software (It will allow you to extract your messages and then use IMAP to copy them back up to AOL’s Mail Servers).

3. Encryption – I believe AOL is working on an https version of webmail, but that doesn’t solve the ability to encrypt your individual messages. I’m honestly not sure if this is on their product roadmap.

BTW, you should know that the AOL Mail Team really cares a lot about their users and takes notice whenever they get feedback. The team tries to incorporate all these changes into the product but has been hampered by priorities of the business. The good news is that the new management team (led by Tim Armstrong) is much more focused on YOU (the user). You will start seeing a renewed focus on AOL’s products that prioritize features based on the benefit to the user.

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Steve07 Answered on July 15, 2019.
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