What is the best coins making method in MUT 21?

Winners, how are you all, so we have a coin making method today, and then we will introduce the MUT coins making method. What I want to say is, if you like this, I will be very grateful. You know we are striving for 10 k, so like I said, if you like my video, I really appreciate that you will sub and another before we enter this video um thing. I’m not going to make this film a target in a way that you might go crazy.

It’s really not important to me. You want to get this method out of the way right now, so some of me is not satisfied with another thing. It’s to join my discord. If you haven’t, we have all come up with these coin making methods, or we will find someone likes the best coin method we have always had, so why do I now have five million dollars? ? Join Discord and type the method in it. You will find it there, but I have a great guy in the CD Odder hit me with a name called Hiroshima Hiroshima (at Hiroshima), he said my name is dm me, Okay, so he finally told me that there is this method, I don’t know if you have heard of it or if you have tried it, but basically, what you want to do is he said it’s basically a ghetto player, I don’t now I plan to do this because I’m sitting on a five millionaire. I’m going to broadcast it after this video. What you see is the 17 minutes of the backpack. I’m going to refresh it. I’m going to open the package in my stream. There will be a package tomorrow.

Open the video, um, I still have a past name team update video that will come sometime this week, so yes, please make sure to write down these notes, but I am not that I will spend a lot of money on this method But I can guarantee that it will work properly because I have seen a few people do this, so I definitely want to try this method, basically what you want to do is to open a method to let the player odds, so you can take out some gold coins from here, but it’s really not like uh, let me push my microphone back, the sound is loud, but basically, you just want to open up to attract a player, no matter what you leave here, As I said, this is the percentage you can get some gold medals here. Although it is quite attractive, you don’t need gold medals or you do need gold, but you know that it can be used like silver, basically, he said Go to the exchange here and exchange 66 69s. I mean you don’t know much about low silver, you can get 66369. I’m not sure if you can pull them, how do they call team affinity? What are these things called? I’m not sure if you can pull the team to increase your strength, but if you can, it’s a glitch, but you just want to keep doing all these swap sets, but once you get here, let me see if I can be done, I think I actually have some remaining cards, so you know that I can’t do this example, so let’s just say to get your backpack to exchange some real ones.

Okay, this is what the team elite originally It will be important, but basically the 75 to 79 team lost about 10k sales, while the 83s and 82s sales and the price of any 80s are about 40k or even 86 sales, so you definitely want to make these exchange devices, and then I’ Will show you the team we also hope to set up, but let us see the strength here, which is unfortunate, Robert Woods hopes he can get a card as soon as possible, because he is just sitting there with my binder than that um, I know he does have the right to flash back, but add these cards to the boom of the swap set, but, I don’t know if the microphone is going crazy, it annoys me a bit, but I don’t know to move it closer My mouth, because I have realized in the video that my microphone is always low, it sounds like I’m speaking a mile away, so how to solve this problem, but okay, we’ve swapped all Card Now all you have to do is to go to the team for a week, I usually participate in the second week. I don’t know what it is, I have packed the heat.

I think I actually have a screenshot, let me check that it’s okay here, so this is the actual screenshot, which is interesting, I first pulled 78 and 82, then 82, then 82, then 86, and then 78. Probably 300k 200k, I also have another method for you, that is the gold of the slums. I am watching the explosion effect with a method of the god of gold, and then we finally seized the opportunity, and finally, we pulled this team Come and stand here, if you ask me, it’s a very sexy ass animation, but I’ll tell me stupidly, but I’ll continue to discuss this method, I’m stupid, you can tell you, but you add With all these cards, you can hope that we get 80 here, and anything from the 80s will cost 78.

This is exactly the remaining car in my binder, so the price is 10k, so you are really good You can still make money in the end, but you don’t have as much profit as you can make when you get 40k. The business card I know afterward, but we have to go through it again and look at another method, just to show everyone what is going on.

The second method I provide you is very risky, so if you don’t like taking it, there is a risk. You can click on the video now. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, but as you can see from the gold medal, I Pulling it, it’s not like a stupid donkey method. It’s not just to open slum gold coins, and you know that selling cards are also related to a week’s team because the week’s team is really good at making coins, so what you want That’s what I did, I’ll make it public that I won’t do this right away, or because I want to save all my coins and I’m about to open a bunch of packages in my own stream, so all I have to do is I only open A pile of waste paper gets a gold coin, and then whenever I get a very, very good swimming pool, I will stop opening them properly, then you may leave a lot of ghouls, or you can get a very good pull It can be cashed right away, but what I want to do is, once I get a very good impulse stop loss, and then add all my high gold to the second week, here I will add them all here, from high to 75 to 79 gold enters here, and then add the low gold to 80 75 to 79, and then add them to the team in the second week.

If you get 82s, you will get 40k 86 40k. You also know 7879 10k, so mine It means it’s very risky, but ii can tell everyone right away because I can show you um here, where I see it is 5 million, so in all these screenshots, you can see my coin I sold it from there every time, it sold out very quickly, I ended up pulling this guy, I wanted to make 150,000, so I made about 300,000, so I opened it like wow, I even I don’t know maybe like slum gold worth 500k. I finally made a 300k. I did get some luck, but as I said, pull until you get something really lucky, genius.

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