What Finishing Badges Can Help You Get Dunks and Layups in NBA 2K21

In NBA 2K21, finishing at the rim with a jaw-dropping dunk or a quick, but successful layup is critical for a guard build. However, you must equip and set up your finishing badges correctly in order to be able to perform these finishing moves in the game. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the best finishing badges for maximizing your player’s slashing skills. You can max out your badges and fast to get 95 overall in 2K21 through several ways.

Contact Finisher (Hall of Fame)
Touch Finisher is a badge that will help players get more contact dunks, and it is located just behind Slithery Finisher. Fans of NBA 2K21 will, however, still need to pay attention to timing, as Touch Finisher can result in an increase in unfavorable contact layups. This is without a doubt one of the most important completion badges in the game. It increases your player’s chances of completing a touch dunk or layup in traffic. This badge will greatly increase your player’s effectiveness in this area if your build’s finishing – also known as slashing – attributes are in the 80s or higher. Even against the best defenders, the Hall of Fame level of this badge will allow your player to pull off the most vicious contact dunks. Contact Finisher, when used in conjunction with the proper dunk and layup animations, can elevate your player’s finishing abilities to new heights.

Slithery Finisher (Hall of Fame)
Slithery Finisher is a crucial badge to have in your arsenal in NBA 2K21, regardless of what sort of guard build you use. It greatly enhances your player’s ability to avoid contact with defense in the paint while going for a dunk or layup. When set to the Hall of Fame rank, this badge will allow you to easily pass through the protection protecting the rim, increasing your chances of a dunk or layup. The reason we suggest this badge at the Hall of Fame tier is that, even if you make contact with the opposing player, the Contact Finisher badge will ensure that you still get the bucket, making it a fantastic badge pair that you should definitely have in your game. Slithery Finisher is almost definitely the best finishing badge in NBA 2K21, and players should put it at the top of their priority list. When this badge is worn, fans will notice that they are dunking far more often, and this will be especially noticeable at the Hall of Fame stage.

Pro Touch (Gold)
This is an important badge to earn if you want to improve your layup game because it gives you a bonus for well-timed layup attempts. If you have an easy time timing your layups, the Gold tier of this badge will ensure that your layup efforts nearly always result in easy points.

Acrobat (Gold)
If you want to perform fancy layups like the reverse layup or the euro-step, then Acrobat is a must-have badge for you. All of your acrobatic layup attempts will be successful if you are in the Gold category. We highly advise you to include these acrobatic layups in your slashing routine because, in most cases, the protection in the paint does not expect you to go for a reverse layup – or any other acrobatic layup for that matter – so you can benefit from the element of surprise.

Consistent Finisher (Silver)
Consistent Finisher is another valuable badge for enhancing your layup skills because it helps you to score more regularly by reducing the penalty for poorly timed layup attempts. We suggest limiting this badge to Silver-tier only because exceptionally poor layup timing isn’t something that most NBA 2K21 players experience on a regular basis. There’s almost no need to go higher than that unless you’re having trouble timing your layups, but even then, we’d suggest training and getting a feel for your player’s layup animations before investing in any additional badge upgrades.

Giant Slayer (Bronze)
This badge can be very useful for players who want to make their guard builds shorter and more dependent on layups because it increases the efficiency of layups against taller defenders and decreases the chances of being blocked and rejected at the rim. However, since your player’s chances of facing an enormous paint beast aren’t exactly a sure thing every game, we suggest only using Giant Slayer on the Bronze tier. We’ve found that this tier is just right for getting the badge to work its magic while still leaving you with a fair amount of finishing badge upgrades to invest elsewhere.

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