What Are The Ways To Reformat Your Dell Laptop?

What Are The Ways To Reformat Your Dell Laptop?

Steve07 Asked on April 24, 2019 in Printer.
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Are you a Dell laptop user and your Dell laptop are crashing again and again? Or your Dell laptop had recently been attacked by viruses but despite resolving
the issues you are again going through the same issues and your anti-virus software is even unable to resolve the issue? In such a case what you can do is you can simply reformat your
Dell laptop by creating a backup of all your important data, as reformatting your Dell laptop will completely erase the hard drive also it is the most effective and surest way to completely clean your Dell laptop. To complete the process you can avail online support from Dell customer service number.
Here we have two ways to complete the Dell laptop reformatting process, these include-
Reformatting Dell laptop with installation CD’s
Reformatting the laptop using restoration partition
Here we have simple steps to be followed by the user to reformat the Dell laptop using installation CD’s
Your very first step is to backup all your data from the hard drive as reformatting your laptop will cause you to lose all your important data and information.
Your second step is to insert the Operation system disk into your CD drive. This will autorun and will open the menu page. Now select the required option so as to install a fresh OS.
Wait for the CD from to proceed automatically and accept the default settings that the installation disk is asking for.
After the completion of the installation process, you will receive a complete fresh desktop on to the screen of your Dell laptop.
These were some of the simple steps you can follow to reformat your Dell laptop using CD drive. Also, Dell laptop users can avail help from Dell laptop tech support phone number
services in case of any difficulty or issue. Here we have steps for another method that is reformatting the laptop using restoration partition, these are:
Your very first step is to restart your Dell laptop. And during the reboot process repeatedly press F10 until the machine reboots. This will take you to the repair or restore option.
Now select the option for installing a fresh system. The restore partition will completely run the program to format, reload OS and will install the driver and other original software’s.
Now your last step is to wait for the completion of the format process. This might take a few minutes and you will be done with reformatting your Dell laptop.
This way you can completely reformat your Dell laptop choosing any way out of the two that suits you the best.
Those Dell laptop users who are facing issues but do not have much time to follow the step by step process can avail online support from Dell customer service Number for support services.
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