The setting takes place in a fantastical world that

I played it years ago , but I didn’t make aion classic kinah it any further. After searching for something else to play, I discovered the Classic server of this game. I had intended to get back sooner, but I heard that the retail version made poor design decisions. Let’s get to what I’m enjoying so far about it:

The setting takes place in a fantastical world that is currently shattered in two by a cataclysmic catastrophe that occurred a few years ago. The race of the world has been split into two types (each taking up a different portion of the earth) which are constantly in conflict with each other. You have the option of choosing which side you want to choose to play as a participant. The environment and places are vibrant and have an supernatural feel as opposed only a strict Medieval one. There is a chance to observe massive creatures flying through the sky. Even though you can fly it is not possible to do so in all areas. It’s still a cool/fun feature though.

Gameplay: The major draw of this game is the PvP part. But PvE’s content is really good from what I’ve seen. There is no global cooldown on abilities, so combat can be quite fluid (also combat is tab-targeted, however it still flows smoothly I believe) in that aspect. It is also possible to combat by flying. There’s an area at the center of the globe where PvP battles and seiges are held. I’m sure hundreds of players battle for control of the territory. World PvP also comes by way of occasional rifts, which allow players to invade other sides of the world for surveillance missions for exploration, battle, or fighting at their own speed.

Another aspect I enjoy the worldbuilding and lore are really immersive. I’ve noticed that the quests are a great overall narrative of the areas that you go to, as well as their connection to the story as a whole. NPC dialog contains key terms that you can use to provide glossary definitions of the concepts/locations/monsters/etc. across the globe. I also think the translation of this game is excellent. To date, I’ve only seen two minor errors.

While there are a few things I’m missing Overall, I highly recommend the game to anyone searching for an immersive gaming experience. Additionally, the character development is very diverse, too.

slot crit strike manastones attempt to get to at least 440 crit strike which is fully buffed ( you’l get an crit strike song eventually as well as scrolls that make a big difference ) – like every melee class , crits create a LOT of difference , for us chanters, staffs are used which means it’s a 1.7x multiplier for your damage everytime you crit – at 444, you’ll have 44% chance of crit every strike—–The difference is that, compared to other classes , slotting attack b4 getting the soft cap for crits is not a good idea buy aion classic kinah eu since the damage can be translated 1:1 ( +1 atk = +1 skill damage ) This will make you feel more powerful and less like you’re walking around the content

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