How to Write a Book Review Essay?

A book review evaluates and analyzes the content of published work. This work can be a recent publication or an older one. Book reviews often make their way into blogs, newspaper magazines, social media, etc. The people writing the book reviews can be anyone from esteem literary critics to school or college students.

Students are often required to write book review essays as it allows them to learn engaging critically in the work at hand. Many people, however, find the task daunting and end up asking a free essay writer to help them write their book review essay.

Since writing a book review essay is unlike other academic essays, students may find it hard to tackle it at first, but with each essay, they realize that book reviews like other essays have their own structure and style, that if followed makes the writing easy.

Every student should engage themselves in writing book reviews as it helps them:

  • Learn how to read the subject for a purpose, taking notes, and making summaries for later use.
  • Delve into various genres and topics, expanding their perspective through evaluating and analyzing the text to review the work.
  • Improve their reading speed and comprehension, while also learning how to be critical about a text, asking questions from essay writing service, and testing it with various scenarios and arguments.

Start with the summary of the work

The summary should head your book review as it is important for your readers to understand briefly the contents of the book under review. The book review will provide the orientation and the context for the reader to understand the in-depth analysis that is to follow.

For fiction writing, the summary, while it gives an overview of the work will cover the following:

  • Characters: You will tell the reader who the main characters are along with their motivations in the work and aspirations. You should also be critical about their portrayal and how that could be improved.
  • Plot: The plot should be discussed, though not in detail as you don’t want to give away spoilers. You should talk, no doubt, about the exposition and the central problem that triggers the action and the story.
  • Theme: The reader should know the various themes that are explored in the text of write my essay, both ones on the surface and those in the background.

Parts of the Book Review

Right after presenting the summary, you will tackle the content of the book more thoroughly. The main structure of the review can be broken down into:

Present the contents of the book

Using the notes that you make during your reading, you will expand upon the various parts of the book, using quotes where necessary. This can be the dynamics and the interaction between the characters, the unfolding action, the tone of the writer, etc.

Make sure that you connect the individual analysis to the whole.

Make connections and write subjectively

Here you will write subjectively relating yourself to the characters and exploring what your course of action would have been in the situation of the character. Here you can critically evaluate how realistic the characters are and how much effort is put into their development.

Evaluate and suggest areas of improvements

Surely you would have found some areas of improvement in the text at hand, or certain scenes or themes that you think the author might have expanded more upon. Some expert reviewers acquainted with the previous work of the online essay writer often point out the changes in the prose or style and comment on whether the changes worked or not.

Note on recommendation

Lastly, you will decide whether you recommend the book to your reader or not. If not, then why so? And if yes, then to whom in particular this book will prove to be a good read?

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