How to Install and Update Drivers in Your Dell Computer or Laptop?

How to Install and Update Drivers in Your Dell Computer or Laptop?

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We are all familiar with the term driver. Now the driver is a computer program that works to operate or control a particular device that is attached to your system.
A device driver is a component that Windows uses to interact with various hardware devices, such as a modem or network adapter. Rather than access the device directly,
Windows loads device drivers and calls functions in the drivers to carry out actions on the device.
Those Dell computers or laptop users who are looking to install and update a particular driver on to their Dell system can avail online support from Dell technical support services.
These are the online support services working to offer the right solutions to the customers through the use of remote technology.
Now below we have some of the crucial steps one can follow to install and update the driver on to your Dell system these are:
To install the driver your very first step is to plug your device into the computer.
Now download the driver from the product’s website.
Double-click the downloaded driver file to install the drivers.
After correctly installing the driver, you can test it as if you have installed drivers for a printer, try printing a document.
Now to update the driver, make sure that your Windows update is all set to install the recommended updates.
Secondly, download updated drivers for a piece of hardware using your CD drive.
Now double click the installed driver and run the installer and follow the instructions to update the driver.
Now update drivers manually through Device Manager or you can also avail online support from Dell customer support phone number services to overcome various installation issues.
Search for device manager and Click “Device Manager” in the search results.
Now expand the appropriate category and then double-click on to your device.
Click to the “Driver” tab and click “Update Driver”.
Now search for the directory which contains the driver files you previously downloaded by clicking on to browse my computer for driver software option.
Now click “Next” to begin the driver update.
To test the device, use the device after updating its drivers to make sure the update was successful.
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