How to Increase the Island Rating in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

As we have said, you can ask Fuffi about the current assessment of the island. After a panegyric of words, which include residents’ opinions, Fuffi will finally reveal the rating, which ranges from 1 to 5 stars. Finally, it will give advice on what can help increase it. Here’s what you need to do to make the big jump from 1 to 3 stars in descending order, that is, from the most to the least useful, unlock K.K. Slider and modify the island.


1) Have at least 7 villagers

The more residents there are, the more the intrinsic value of the island will rise. With camping, the ability to sell a land or a simple trip with the Miles of Nook coupon, having about 7 residents on your island helps a lot for a future 3-star rating.


2) Building all buildings

By buildings we mean activities such as the Service Center, the Museum, the Ago and Filo sisters’ shop and Nook’s Workshop. Make sure you don’t skip any to give the island a more official air. The whole thing, however, should take place indirectly following the natural course of events on the island: for example, just talk to Agostina (the blue hedgehog of Animal Crossing visiting) a couple of times to convince her to open the clothes store with her sister. You can change the location of your businesses and homes at any time by talking to Tom Nook.


3) Decorate the island with outdoor furnishings

Furnishing the atoll with ACNH DIY Recipes for sale or purchased elsewhere is crucial to reach 3 stars, so much so that Fuffi will often bring back a poor island from this point of view. Remedying this lack is very simple: creating objects or browsing the Nook Catalog for a handful of miles, just beautify the island with fountains, benches, giant robots and let the imagination travel, creating a playground or spa complete with swimming pool and sun beds.


4) Planting flowers (and trees)

Planting Animal Crossing flowers is very important: in fact, the island should be filled with flowers. You can buy the seeds every day from Timmy and Tommy and then plant them and water them: among cosmeas, anemones and violets of different colors there is nothing more natural and beautiful to make an island alive and active. Fruit trees, of course, also do their part. To collect other varieties and diversify the offer of the island just travel with a coupon miles of Nook or play online to visit different islands.


5) Tear the weeds

An orderly island is a better island: tearing the weeds makes the rock more presentable, whose ultimate goal is to make K.K. Slider perform. We therefore recommend cleaning up at least the first floor of the island (to understand the one that has always been accessible and without the staircase) and pass by Fuffi to see if it has anything to say about it.


6) Fence the island

For the same principle as the previous point, putting fences symbolizes order. The scheme of each type of enclosure can be purchased at the Nook Point for 1,000 nook miles: once you get each creation it will give us 10 units of that given fence, with which to start creating a small garden near the house, a public park, an adorable landfill or simply divide and report the spaces on your island.


7) Building bridges and ramps

It is the most expensive and therefore the least recommended activity of all. Building bridges and ramps will help connect the island between its various levels and not have to resort to the jump auction, but it takes thousands of stars to do this – we’re pretty sure you’ve already reached the 3-star rating before you have to get to the bottom of your sweaty savings.


Once you have spoken to Fuffi and received the news that the island has reached a 3-star rating, K.K. Slider will agree to hold a concert on the island and from now on will be present every Saturday afternoon in the central square.

The last long-awaited option of the Nook Phone will also be unlocked: that of modifying the island by creating reliefs and waterways – so-called terraforming, which can be expanded by spending the accumulated Nook Miles to buy the ability to create brick, stone and so on Animal Crossing floors. Creativity has no limits in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, just have a building permit and you can modify the island in your own image and likeness.

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