How to get clients for real estate


When your real estate clients do not want to compromise, or do not cooperate, it is important to manage their objections. We give you a list of real estate tips for the most common objections and what to answer.


Real estate agents handle objections and disputes with their clients every day, and although all clients are unique and you are sure to find new things in every sales process, there are many common objections that real estate clients often have.

Knowing how to attend and handle these objections can make a difference when getting clients for your real estate . These are some of the best real estate tips to handle your clients in these situations.

Do you want to offer my house for that amount? My neighbor sold his and mine is worth more.

We all want to make more money, but it is not beneficial to put a higher price on your house. Buyers respond better to a competitive home. Let’s say there are four slices of bread on a table and they all cost the same, but yours costs more. Which one do you think buyers will choose? That will make your bread stay on the table longer, and the longer it is on the table, the less money you will get. Let’s start with the best price, and if you don’t like an offer you receive, you don’t have to accept it.

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Why do I have to offer more for a house?

When the market favors sellers, you won’t get a home for less than its price. The best you can hope for is good interest rates .

I need to talk to my family members before making a decision

What to answer? “Okay, let’s call them and see what they think.” Finally, it is important that you have as much information as you can about the decision process of your clients, in order to better advise them. You do not necessarily have to apply this in all cases, but when getting clients for your real estate, there are critical moments where they can back down without consulting their family.

I like the house, but it has the worst finishes I’ve ever seen

Ask your clients to make a list of the pros and cons of the property. But also ask them not to make a “against” of things that can change, such as the color of a room. Remind them too that their home is a lifetime investment, and the finishes will be something they will wear out soon either way, they don’t have to live with them forever.

The sellers agent offered to work for me

What to answer? My job is to get them a lower price. That agent’s job is to get the sellers a better price. Who do you want working for you? Imagine that you are going through a legal process. Would you want a lawyer who represents both parties?

I don’t want to sign a proxy agreement. I want to be able to see houses on my own

It’s okay for them to see houses on their own. You can give them a pack of business cards, and tell them that the sellers and their realtors will treat them more seriously. Let them know that anyone can call you at any time, you are there to help your buyers.

We are interviewing other sellers and we would like to think about the decision to work with you

Offer to call them in a day or two to see if they have additional questions, or if there is anything from your experience, work or presentation that they would like you to explain in more detail. Choosing a real estate agent is an important decision. Make sure to schedule a follow-up meeting where you can give them additional real estate tips , and answer any concerns or questions they have after they contact other agents.

Another realtor said he can get us more money

You must have done your homework. It’s not about what you and another realtor say, but about the real estate market. You must be able to tell your customers exactly what is happening in the market. With so many properties on the market every month, isn’t it important to price the property properly?

Any real estate agent can promise to get more money. In the end, other agents will tell clients what they want to hear, because they are desperate to find clients for their real estate. What type of real estate agent do you really want to work with?

A friend is a real estate agent

This is one of the important real estate tips, not only for you, but for the client. You should ask them if they are seriously considering selling their house, or if they are just deciding to work with their friend to get him to keep the commission. Your home is your most expensive possession, why not make sure you are working with the best agent and not a friend?

Also, if they have a problem with their friend’s job or service, how will they criticize or fire their friend? Who would you rather yell at? You or your friend? On the other hand, they may have to reveal things about their personal or financial life that make them feel uncomfortable with a friend.

We are not ready. We want to fix the house first

What to answer? “That is an excellent idea! Let me visit you and review the property to discuss the improvements that will be important to consider in preparation to sell. They shouldn’t spend unnecessary money. ”

People often have the intention of making a sale, but they do it most easily with someone whose work is focused on that. Without follow-up, it will likely take much longer to get your home listed.


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