How to Fix Error Message Scan Unit Open or Paper Jam 2 on Samsung Printers?

How to Fix Error Message Scan Unit Open or Paper Jam 2 on Samsung Printers?

Jack07 Asked on March 18, 2019 in Printer.
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Here the blog will guide you very simple steps on Fix Error message “scan unit open or paper jam 2” on Samsung printers. Then just pursue the below-given steps to quickly get rid of the issue.

Step to Fix Error Message Scan Unit Open or Paper Jam 2 on Samsung Printers:-
Solution 1:- Perform Jammed Paper Task
Follow these steps:-

Step 1:-Open and close the front cover
First, open and close the front cover.

Step 2:- See Jammed Paper & Pull Out the Paper of the Output Tray
The jammed paper is automatically ejected from the machine.
Gently pull the paper out of the output tray. If there is no jammed paper or if there is any resistance when you pull, stop and go to the next step.
Step 3:- Lift the Scan unit.
Then, holding the inner cover open, carefully take the jammed paper out of the machine.
Lowering down the scan unit gently and slowly until it is completely closed. The inner cover will be closed automatically by the scan unit closed. Be careful not to pinch your fingers! If there is any resistance and the paper does not move when you pull or if you cannot see the paper under the scan unit, continue to the next step.
Step 4:-Open the rear cover, Close & Printing a Test
Open the rear cover.
If you see the jammed paper, pull it straight up.
Next, close the rear cover.
Then try to print automatically resumes.
Now you should try to check the error is resolved. In case, if it’s not solved, then go to the next solution.

Step 1:- Try to Blowing Task
If there is no debris or other foreign objects in a sensor, it could still be something too small for you to see.

Then you should try blowing out all those areas with a can of compressed air.

Step 2:- Ensure the Sensors
You should try to check that the sensors are not just “stuck” in the wrong position. Sensors are spring-loaded and so should pop back to the detent position when pushed the opposite direction with a small pencil or ice pick.

Step 3:- Check scan Unit
Verify that the scan unit (or automatic document feeder) cover is completely closed.

Step 4:- Replace or Clean the Roller
Finally, you should run to replace or clean the rollers.

I hope your issue is fixed.

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Steve07 Answered on March 18, 2019.
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