How much maintenance does antivirus software require?

How much maintenance does antivirus software require?

Steve07 Asked on February 22, 2019 in Antivirus.
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Nowadays antivirus programs are an extremely low maintenance option, requiring very little interaction from you in order to continue working effectively.

Assuming you’ve set it up correctly, the only tasks you should engage in on a regular basis are:

  • Checking the status of your antivirus program daily – many offer a color-coded scheme to alert you to any issues. If the program says everything is ok then all is good. Otherwise, delve deeper to learn what the problem is and then rectify it
  • Manually run an in-depth scan on a regular basis, maybe once a week, or use the functionality of the antivirus program itself to schedule a detailed scan, perhaps at a time when you are away from the machine
  • Checking that the program is fully up to date.

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    This should happen automatically but I would advise confirming that all updates have been downloaded and installed from time to time

It is also worth leaving a note somewhere prominent to remind you when your subscription runs out so that you never find yourself in the position of not having a valid license.

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Jack07 Answered on February 22, 2019.
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