How do I fix an HP Printer paper jam problem?

How do I fix an HP Printer paper jam problem?

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This is a common issue that is plaguing most modern printers especially ones with high print speed. There are easy fixes that will get you up and running in no time.

1. Genuine papers: It is recommended to use only genuine HP authorized papers. This is in addition to ensuring that the printer is not fed with crumbled/crushed papers.
Preferring to use only HP
the paper will ensure that the print quality is top class in addition to increasing the cartridge yield. HP papers do no get crumbled and cause close to nil issues when it comes to paper handling.
Dirt accumulation is another issue and it may culminate on the roller, blocking it from performing efficiently.
2. Remove stuck papers: First thing is first, remove all the paper that is stuck in the printer. Hold firmly and completely remove it making sure there are no broken pieces lodged elsewhere.
The insides of the printer are to be thoroughly checked to ensure that it is paper free. Extend your output tray,
a close output tray will lead to paper jamming near the output roller and will cause unnecessary issues.

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Jack07 Answered on May 2, 2019.
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