How do I fix a B200 error on my Canon printer?

How do I fix a B200 error on my Canon printer?

Jack07 Asked on April 18, 2019 in Printer.
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This however depends on how many cartridges your Canon printer has. The number of cartridges actually matters in resolving this problem.
The downside of this solution is it actually does not indicate which cartridge has a problematic printhead.
So you must really have to go through the cartridge set to resolve it. So here’s a step by step solution you can try.

For Canon Printer with 2 cartridges:

Turn off printer. Wait until the cartridge carrier returns on the side. If the carriage gets stuck, open the lid and move the carriage to the side.
Turn on printer.
Remove the cartridges. Check the nozzles and clean them if there’s any clogged or dried ink.
Reinstall the cartridges. The critical part of this however is changing a cartridge to know which one of them is problematic.
Insert a new or old functioning ink cartridge along with the current ink cartridge (black or color).
See if the Error B200 still appears.
Interchange until you figure out which cartridge is problematic.
Change the problematic cartridge with a new one.
Run a test print.

 On the off chance if you are still getting troubles then call printer customer service number +44 203 880 7918 (Toll- free). Resource link:

Steve07 Answered on April 19, 2019.
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