How do I Connect My Canon 922 Printer to WiFi?

Canon printers are prominent for providing crisp and finest great quality printouts. Their machines use the new-gen publishing technologies along with a smudge-free container to get the best outputs. Furthermore, they come in various ranges with multifunction such as checking, WiFi publishing, faxing and xeroxing

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The security settings, setup procedures, router functions and the configuration of the network device differs based on the system environment.
Also see if your device supports IEEE802 11B, IEEE802 11n, IEEE802 11g
The printer can be used for wireless or wired connections at the same time.
You need to be extra careful if you are connecting to a network, which is not protected. As there are a lot of risks associated with it such as disclosure of personal information to the third party.
You must prepare an access point if you are using an Adhoc connection.
How to Setup Canon Pixma MX922 Printer?

Press the button of the menu placed on your printer.
Use the navigation buttons such as up, down, side buttons for selecting the setup icon of WLAN.
Select the button of ok.
When the Wi-Fi connection will be established, then the blue colored Wi-Fi lamp will light up.
Selecting the Process of Setup
The printer will start searching for the access points, which support WPS. If the push button method appears on the screen and you are not sure if your router or access point supports that technology or not, then you must go to the standard setup screen.

Push Button Method
According to the push button method, there are three setup procedures.

Standard Setup: For connecting the access point by entering the password for the network.

WPS: Connect to an access point that is compatible with WPS.

Other Setup: Connect with the network for entering the settings of the access point on your printer directly.

Standard Setup Connection
Choose the standard setup and then click on the OK button.
Choose the access point and then click on OK again.
After that, the 8-64 character will show up on the screen of your printer.
Now to setup canon Pixma mx922 printer, again click on ok.
After that, press the button of the left function.
Please ensure that the network password that you enter is correct.
Press the button of the left function and when the left screen is displayed in front of you.
In case, the screen on the right is displayed, then press the button of a copy. This is one method to setup canon Pixma mx922 printer.
Setup Canon Pixma MX922 Printer Using WPS Method

Click on WPS. Now, press the button of ok.
Choose the push button method. Press an ok button and hold the button of WPS that is placed on the access point.
After that, press ok on your printer within a duration of 2 minutes.
When the screen on the right appears, select the button of a copy.
Setup Canon Pixma MX922 Printer by Using Advanced Setup

Choose the option of other setup and then click on the OK button.
After that, to setup canon, Pixma mx922 printer, choose the advanced setup. Again click on OK.
Then, you have to select the access point and then again select OK.
Tap on the security protocol that the access point uses and then click on OK.
If the left screen appears, then click on OK. If the screen displayed on the right opens up, then press the button of the copy.
So, these are some of the steps that you need to follow for setting up a Canon Pixma printer.

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