How can I troubleshoot my Dell printer that’s offline and wireless?

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Troubleshoot my Dell printer that’s offline and wireless

1. On your computer navigate to the printers and devices in control panel.

2. Click your printer in the list and either right click/properties or as in the example if you have windows 10 click ‘Manage’.

3. Click properties (or printer properties).

4. Click the ‘Ports’ tab.

5. From the list, you’ll be able to see the current i.p address of your printer

6. Type this into the browser address bar of a computer that is connected to the same WIFI network or Ethernet network. (ignore any extra characters like underscore/numbers following that) eg. You only need something like 10.121.123

7. You’ll now see the settings menu for your printer (note: you may have to log in with a username and password if one was set or try Admin / leave the password blank).

8. You’ll then get a screen like the one below (I don’t have a Dell printer but it’s very similar for all printers).

9. Click the Network or connectivity option

10. From this screen, you should be able to set the option to static or manual instead of automatic.

11. There should be an option for the manual i.p address to be suggested, if not you may have to set it yourself. Try something like the original i.p address but increase the last number by say 5. Write that number down and the MAC address for later, then click save or apply.

12. Get your router’s i.p address and log in online like how we did in step 6 for the printer (to get your routers i.p address open a command prompt and type: ipconfig/all).

13. From one of the menu options, you will need to add the MAC address and new printer i.p address to that it can communicate with the printer.

14. Finally, go back to step 1 to find your printers i.p address again where you will add the new i.p address and set the Dell printer to it.

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