Escape from Tarkov: A realistic shooter eager to come out into the light

Escape From Tarkov is a realistic shooter aimed at hardcore survival in the city of Tarkov. The goal of the game is to escape from Tarkov, taking with you everything that fits into a backpack, pouch, or unloading bag. The development of the game by Battlestate, known for its VKontakte game Contract Wars, began on November 5, 2015, closed beta testing was launched in 17. The game is still at the testing stage, but it is available for purchase and is quite playable. Why didn’t it come out officially? Apparently, the developers are afraid of mass criticism or responsibility.

The price of the game is 1600 rubles, but this is just a standard package, there are still 3 advanced packages: Left Behind Edition – 2600 rubles, Prepare For Escape Edition – 3600 rubles, Edge Of Darkness Edition – 4999 rubles. The higher the package, the more stash and starter package. Owners of the full version receive an exclusive pouch that allows them to store items. A pouch is a kind of save pocket that will take out items from the raid even if you die.

Synchronous. Speaking of the cache, I attach a video demonstration of how it works. You can store all the items from the raid in the stash and use containers to save space, however, their price is quite high. In general, the correct storage of things in the inventory is a separate art form, for fans of Tetris it will come. The video also shows the system of skills that are honed during your actions in raids. No raid goes in vain, even if you died and lost all things, the skill of endurance, shooting, tactics, aiming, or something else will be pumped.

In the video, you can see a menu with merchants; in the game, each merchant has its own classification: a seller of weapons, armor, body kits, and medicines. Depending on its classification, the assortment and the purchase price of items are determined. As for the assortment, it increases depending on the level of trust of the merchant, the level is based on four parameters: how much Tarkov money was spent, the game level, the coefficient of trust (issued for completing tasks). The maximum merchant level is the fourth, it is at this stage that you have access to the entire range. You can buy and sell items not only from merchants but also at a flea market, available from game level 10.

Weapon. Weapons are one of the features of the game. 20 characteristics, each of them plays a role, and the feeling of the weapon is close to real. Weapons are created by people who have fired them in their lives. Any weapon can be weighed, disassembled, and modified. For some, a weapon is presented as a five-kilogram piece of steel with a handle and a sight, but here even a barrel with a gas pipe, a forend, a handle, a magazine is a full-fledged weapon from which you can shoot.

Lor. The lore in the game is as simple as possible and gives an explanation for all the events: Russia, 2028, the city of Tarkov in the Norvinsk region is isolated from the world by the military of the Russian Armed Forces and the UN because of the illegal activities of the medical company TerraGroup, civilians joined the ranks of PMCs or became Wild. There are only two factions of PMCs: BEAR – Russian-speaking mercenaries of PMCs, USEC – English-speaking mercenaries of PMCs. There is also the Wild – a marginal community engaged in looting and robbery, ordinary players can play for them once in a while or bots. Not much depends on the choice of the faction, only the voice acting and the name of the token. The developers even filmed their own series, which tells about the events of the game.

Quests. There are quests in the game, they can be taken from merchants, you should not expect a special storyline from them, but what is interesting is that they are passed in raids, during a multiplayer game, this is rarely found anywhere.

Asylum. The game has a shelter, with the help of it you can craft items, mine cryptocurrency, test weapons, and improve some indicators. Each room needs to be gradually built thanks to items from the raid, the reputation of the merchants is also taken into account and whether another room is built, interconnected with this one. Cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin, is mined thanks to video cards, you can find them in a raid, but first, you need to build the farm itself, it is not so easy to do this, but you will receive passive earnings if you start selling cryptocurrency. For this or that room to function, electricity must be turned on, for this, it is necessary to build a solar panel or to stably fill the generator with gasoline. The video below demonstrates the hideout itself and the shooting at the shooting range.

Game process. After you have decided on the map and collected equipment for the raid, you will appear at one of the random points, your goal is to fill the inventory with valuable items, escape from Tarkov, finishing the raid, and saving the equipment. In case of death, all your things will be lost, so it is worth ensuring them, in which case there is a chance that the players will not find the equipment and it will return within 48 hours.

You will have to look for a way out of Tarkov on your own, since you will not have any cards, an online card can come to help, which should be opened in advance on your phone. Complicating the situation is that you can exit only through those outputs whose name is displayed after pressing the “O” key twice.

Graphic arts. The game has fairly large graphics settings and PostFX, however, it cannot be said that it is too modern, Escape From Tarkov is intended for both medium PCs and powerful ones. It is worth mentioning that the game is developed on the Unity engine.

You can talk about Tarkov’s universe for a long time, so if you are interested in the game, watch a few videos and think, maybe it is worth the money. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t expect concessions from Escape From Tarkov: if you use strategic reserves incorrectly at the beginning, you can easily screw up the game and you will have to reset your progress.

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