Besides Quickbooks, what are the most widely used accounting software products in Europe and the US?

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Sol, It’s a question that is very broad in scope. There is no ‘one size fits all’ accounting software. So the answer is the cliche ‘it depends’. I am familiar with the US market mostly and I am only mentioning the most popular packages.

For small and micro business (less than 20 people ) Quickbooks desktop and Quickbooks Online are the most dominant product in the US. Other players are Xero (cloud-based ) and Quicken.

If you don’t need full-fledged accounting (just invoicing or billing ) Freshbooks is a pretty popular cloud invoicing service.

In the mid-sized business (< 1000) the dominant players used to be Sage and Microsoft Dynamics GP and NAV suite (they bought Great Plains and Navision) .

Intact and Netsuite are the cloud-based accounting software service which is gaining popularity in mid-market. Salesforce based financial force and Kennedy are others. Sage is also building a cloud offering on Salesforce platform and Microsoft Dynamics have a cloud offering as well for the mid-market.

Workday and Oracle are the most popular cloud-based accounting software for enterprise (> 1000 employees ). In fact, they are more than accounting software – they are ERP software. Microsoft Dynamics and SAP are also trying to capture a share of this enterprise ERP cloud.

Finally, the on-premise leaders are SAP and Oracle for enterprise as someone mentioned earlier.

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Jack07 Answered on June 13, 2019.
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